May 04

Queens Peak Valleypoint Shopping Centre

Queens Peak is a building development by MCC Land, which is a Singapore based firm. It is a firm that has been responsible for the construction of several residential and retail projects on the island since 2010. MCC Land won the bid to build housing on the land parcel at Queens Peak. In recent times the Singapore government has made land parcels available for housing or retail development projects near Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) and Crescent Girl’s School. Without these projects construction and real estate would have been severely hit by the global recession. Yet these projects have kept the building industry ticking over.

Queens Peak Condo MCC Land

Experience has shown firms like MCC Land that involvement in Singapore construction projects can make them profits depending on the location of the development itself. When the land parcels are located in prime real estate areas then more property development and construction companies bid to win the 99 year lease and complete the project. The facilities in the local area and the ability of future residents to commute to the city centre mean the prices that could be achieved would provide a good return on the investment for condos near to Queensway Shopping Centre and Ikea Alexandra.

Singapore MCC Land Queens Peak

MCC Land placed the highest bid for the housing development at Queen Peak as they believed it is in a good location in terms of commuting / transport links, local infrastructure, and closeness to the city centre. On the back of strong sales of housing units in similar locations across Singapore MCC Land was confident that the executive housing at Queens Peak would sell strongly.

Ikea Alexandra Queens Peak HY Realty

Whilst MCC Land have yet to announce the exact pricing of the housing units at Queens Peak they anticipate that the final asking price will still mean that the units will sell strongly, ensuring a decent return on their investment. These units are of a really high quality and that will make them attractive to buyers.