Apr 10

Parc Life

Parc Life EC is a recently built housing complex on Sembawong Avenue in Singapore. This block of exclusive high quality condos is owned by Frasert Centrepoint Homes. These condos are some of the best quality units that can be brought or rented in the whole of Singapore. Fraser Centrepoint Homes decided to go ahead with the building of the Parc Life EC complex despite the adverse economic conditions at the time that planning permission was granted. The government of Singapore is always concerned that there is not enough housing on the island, which is why it made the site available for housing development in the first place.

Parc Life EC Sembawang

Although not all the ECs have been sold or let yet the developers have already made a profit on their investment. They were confident that they would make a profit on the Parc Life EC project not only due to the quality of the condos but also the location of the development. It is fairly easy to commute to and from Singapore City centre from Sembawong Avenue as the nearest MRT station is around a five minute walk away. As well as the MRT buses are also frequent. The complex has adequate car parking facilities for residents with their own cars.

Parc Life Fraser Centrepoint Homes

The location of Parc Life has been important in tempting people to live there as there is a park within a ten minute walk of the complex, which means residents can relax there. There are nearby shopping facilities and the good transport links mean that residents can get to anywhere they need to go by public transport. The road links to the rest are good as well.

Parc Life EC

The Parc Life EC is well placed on the island, it’s condos are great for business executives to live in, and it has good transport links for commuting to work.