Oct 19

Amara Holdings Developer for Muse at Newton

Amara holdings Amara holdings being one of the best property developers, Hotel investors and developers, Speciality restaurants and food services in Singapore since 1970 we are driven only by the clients stisfaction and happiness as a gift of our dedication we have placed good set of awards and the most valuable one is your recognition and satisfaction We placed a cluster of awards for excellence , tranquility , hospitality and safety from various Singaporean governmental organisations and worldwide organisations the only award that recognizes us is the recognition that you gave us.

Amara Holdings Developer for Muse Newton

Our motto in Amara Holdings is so simple that none of our competitors cannot grasp , it is we want you to feel like kings and queens at our hospitality we dont value anything more and we compromise anything in that We want to give you the best three businesses we offer since. We let our work talk for us we give you some of our valuable projects for your glimpse. It is the developer for the freehold condo Muse Newton at Newton Road.

Our hotels and resorts are built with very few but important things in mind and there is only one person at the end of everything. You That is the only thing we value we require and our cherished possession its your comfort and happiness. We mix our traditional hospitality with global chefs give you the mixture of best of things for you to excite experience and enjoy.

The hotels that we deliver happiness are Amara sanctuary This place that filled with luxury are placed at exotic locations for you to have unique and tangled experience to make you feel Kings and queens though prince and princess experience in comfort and hospitality. Amara signature: It is a stylish of place with all the modern amenities and luxuries, you will enjoy our architecture and love all our service and class and comfort of living while you stay.

Amara Holdings Business

This is our best business hotels where you have your business meetings relaxed and comforted and and being at the center of trhe city it makes the best place for business where you stay comforted as it is your home. Silk road: Singapore is well known for its tradition and history as you visit the Silk road you will enjoy tradition in both living and food by our master chefs , we want you to cherish our traditional taste in our tradition.

Thanying is a mixture of our tradition and globalisation of things . Here you will enjoy the hybridisation which is unique in our food and hospitality.